How to find my IP address

What is an IP address?

As we have business, telephone and street address, communicating devices have addresses also. The Internet Protocol address which has its shortened form as IP address is an identification system which gives every device an identifying number. Its purpose is to create a form of networking that gives room for devices to communicate with one another in the Internet Protocol Network.

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It is made up of combined rules that seek to govern matters that are related to the internet. Through identifying between devices and destinations, the IP address supervises every form of online communication. No internet communication can exist without having an IP address as the IP address is the system that is responsible for searching, locating and sharing of information between devices.

A standard IP address usually have four numbers with each separated by a decimal point. Just as it is impossible to send a non-addressed letter, it is also impossible to send information without an IP address.  The IP address performs two major functions of Identification and Locating. Through locating, positions are sighted and through identification, computers are allowed to connect and share information with one another.


What is the location of my IP address?

Locating can be technically called ‘geolocation’. Geolocation is the identification of the geographical position of internet connected terminals like phones and computers. In addition, it is the creation of coordinates that has an essential feature of ascertaining a site, city or environment.

Based on this concept, the location of a computer device is its public IP address. In a clearer term, where the device was at the time of being connected to the internet is the location of the device IP address. The possibilities of the IP address is restricted to only determining the physical site of the IP rather than the exact position. 

Essentially, it does not stand for definite locations of the computer network but in seldsome cases, it does. An IP address being similar to a home address is not is not specifically true. In fact, one can end up estimating in a bid to locate.

You can find your IP address by simply visiting What is my IP Address . 

How do I find my servers’ IP Address?

Every server has an IP address just like computers and phones do. A server is an automated software from which definite content are created as requested by the user. It is unseen system where the network provides information. Every server has its own separate IP address which is depicted in the dot-decimal form.

To find your servers’ IP address, you must follow through the following steps

On Windows

  • Click the start icon on the computer screen
  • Search CMD or Command Prompt and press the enter button
  • Use the command nslookup followed by the domain I  question. E.G. nslookup and press the enter button
  • Follow the command’s output by reading through till you find the Server’s name. The next line that follows with the word address will include the servers’ IP Address


  • Select the Command Prompt
  • At the prompt, type ping or pathping or tracert followed by the servers’ host name in question

Press enter and follow the output to locate your servers’ IP Address



  • Go to the terminal
  • Run the command ipconfig getpacket en0
  • (If you are on airport, replace en0 with en1)
  • The command would produce an output. Follow through to find the  server identifier



How do I find my IP Address on my phone?

Before you can locate your IP Address, you have be certain that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This connection will enable the appearance of the four dot-decimal numbers.

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The following are steps that must be followed to aid easy location of the IP address

 On Android

  • Select the setting icon
  • Click on Wi-Fi icon
  • Select the menu button and select advanced
  • Scroll down to find the icon with the title IP Address. Beneath it is the phone’s private IP Address


On IPhone

  • Select the setting icon
  • Tap Wi-Fi which would display a list of connections available
  • Beside the network you are connected to an information icon, select it and the details of the connected network would come into display.
  • Find the IP Address entry to find your IP Address


How do I find my Wi-Fi routers IP address?

The network routers IP address is an avenue through which other devices are able to connect. The routers can also be called default gateway. The command prompt can be used to figure out the routers default gateway. More importantly, ensure your device is connected to a wireless network so that it would be easy to get the routers’ IP address. This will enable you get the right information with no loopholes.



  • Click on the start icon
  • Type CMD on the search area to launch the command prompt
  • A prompt would appear, type ipconfig followed by hitting the enter button.
  • A list of all network adapter connected to the device would appear
  • Find the default gateway and jot down the number sequence next to it because that is your routers IP Address


               ON MAC OSX

  • Click the apple icon on the computer screen
  • Select the system preferences icon
  • Select the network icon to open the menu
  • Select your network adapter in which you are connected to (It is usually the one with a green indicator)
  • Trace the number following the router entry as that is our routers IP Address or default gateway.



Conclusively, practice is the only way you can maximize the information embedded in this material. Any category of learner can follow the steps listed in this material and will still get required result. With this material, you should not find it difficult to locate your IP address, servers’ IP address, phone IP address as well as your routers IP address.