Five Tips to Reduce Lag in Online Games

The world of online gaming is a fierce one. Here, fates change in a matter of milliseconds. A slight delay in server response can cost you the whole match.

Consider a situation where you are engaged in a fierce online battle in your favorite FPS game, and suddenly you get stuck. There is a sudden delay in response time. At that instant, if you had fired the shot just in time, your team could have won the match. It wasn’t to be. It is your opponent who takes the game away from you. You are left with cursing the frame freeze at that particular instant.

I know how frustrated it is for any online gamer like you, to lose out just because you are continuously facing lag while playing an online game.     

In this blog, I will elaborate on some of the most important workarounds that will help you address this lag issue and enjoy a seamless online gaming experience that you desire.

  1. Speed up your connection

Generally, online games run fairly smooth with 15-20 Mbps connection speed. In this age, this connection speed is not adequate enough. The reason behind this is that the latency affects your gaming experience rather badly than the speed of your internet connection.

With the online streaming services now becoming a norm, more people who hate gaming tend to use internet for watching videos and listening songs. Therefore, in order to play your favorite online game without lag, you must opt for an internet connection that provides you a bandwidth greater than 20 Mbps.

You can use fiber broadband. It gives you a stable connection, thereby providing you the best possible online gaming experience, you can ask for. The fiber broadband connection is also a good bet for high-speed uploads for games being played on Twitch and YouTube.

  1. Conduct a speed test

Speed test is a good indicator of how your internet connection is working. For passionate online gamers, conducting a speed test is a must, if they want to reduce lag in online games.

A good practice is to test your internet connection speed at least three times, to get a good idea about the average connection speed you will get during the gaming session. It’s better to run speed tests on different devices, including your personal computer, smartphone, and a tablet. It will give you an insight into which device is better to run an online game.

Remember that for online games, download speed is far more important than the upload speed. Hence, if your download speed is lesser than 10 Mbps, you will definitely face lag while playing the game. It’s better to have an internet connection that provides you speeds up to 20 Mbps.



  1. Check line connectivity

If you are playing an online game via router connection, you must check the connections and ensure that all the devices are connected in properly. An old router can’t help you reduce lag, so consider replacing it with a new, advanced routers that can keep up with the speeds that you need during the gaming sessions.

You must also ensure to place your router or modem closer to your gaming system. Lesser the distance, lesser the lag; greater the distance, higher the lag. It’s that simple.

It’s better to keep all other devices that you don’t want to use, including cell phones chargers away from the router. This will help you cut down on unwanted beeps, so you don’t lose your concentration.

  1. Get rid of Wi-Fi

For online gamers, using Wi-Fi is a real nightmare. Why? It’s because Wi-Fi tends to limit your bandwidth. It’s better to use Wi-Fi for devices other than your gaming computer.

You can also use a wired connection to get connection speeds much faster than a Wi-Fi connection. The best practice is to keep the distance between the gaming system and the router to a minimum. 

  1. Reduce Ping

If you want to reduce lag in online games that you play, you can work around to reduce ping to get the desired result. You must conduct ping test or a latency test to determine your ping. A lower ping is always desirable. A ping ranging from 1-30 ms is excellent for your online gaming needs.

If you are experiencing a high ping in games, you can always use ping reducer software to reduce ping.

There are many ping-reducing software available that you can use to your advantage. These software include WT Fast, Vypr VPN, Out Fox, Haste, Kill Ping, etc. You can use any of these software to reduce your ping and latency during intense gaming sessions.

These ping reducing software provide online gamers an opportunity to not only reduce ping but also reduce lag as well. There is one thing in common in all ping reduction software, i.e., they provide the shortest path to the gaming servers, minimizing the distance thereby increasing the internet connection speed to give you an ultimately smooth online gaming experience.

Final Words

In this blog, I have given you some easy-to-use tips to overcome high lag issue in online gaming. To enjoy a seamless gaming experience, you must have a speedy internet connection. Conducting a speed test will favor you in the long gaming sessions. You must keep a check on internet connectivity. It is better to go for an Ethernet wired connection instead of a more traditional Wi-Fi connection. Lastly, reducing high ping with the help of ping reducing software can help you get rid of the lag issue in gaming.

I hope, you implement these tips and get to enjoy yourself a smooth online gaming experience like never before. If I have missed out on anything, I encourage you to share your opinions and suggestions about this blog in the comments section below.