Expressvpn Review – What is Express VPN and How Safe is Expressvpn?

*July 2018 Updated*- A top VPN provider in the industry, ExpressVPN has been ruling the privacy market for decades, due to its immaculate service standards and impeccable performance on all fronts.

It offers a load of excellent features, geared towards providing you with a powerful and highly secure experience. From military grade AES 256 encryption to 148 server locations worldwide, ExpressVPN offers it all.



This Best VPN is your safest bet against all kinds of threats to your privacy in the online domain. On top of this, it works excellently in unblocking geo-restricted websites to provide you with a stellar streaming experience.

VPNs don’t get better than this so don’t miss out on the exclusive summary and a more detailed analysis of the uber-cool VPN below.



ExpressVPN Free

Free Trials are fast becoming increasingly popular in the VPN industry. A no-strings attached VPN Free Trial allows a lot of users to make use of the service and check all of the features on offer before going for purchasing a valid subscription with the provider. If you don`t want to spend $8 per month.

A Free Trial also increases the provider’s capability in the market in the sense that it is so sure about the performance of all of its features that it is ready to put them to any test possible.

NordVPN is a notable example of providing one of the best free trials among top providers. It is offering a 3 day free trial currently and to activate it, you just need to enter your email address and setup its client to start using the VPN.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial but it is offering a 30 day money back guarantee that users can fall back on if they don’t like the VPN’s performance. Note: Here is the Deep Analysis on NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN.


The biggest difference between a refund policy and a free trial is that you are charged money in the former but not in that latter.

We highly recommend ExpressVPN to start offering a free trial, even if puts a cap on some features, to allow more users to be really sure about this service before they agree to pay for the pricing plan. This way, it will be able to funnel far more customers than it is currently doing.




ExpressVPN Servers

One of the most impressive features about ExpressVPN is its incredible VPN server infrastructure. Offering 2000+ VPN servers is no mean feat and that too, with a well spread out location base.


ExpressVPN’s server infrastructure encompasses 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries, covering a big part of the globe thereby allowing people from across the world to gain equally great performance irrespective of where they are situated.

While we do feel that ExpressVPN has lesser VPN servers in locations like Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, the provider does need to increase them. The server infrastructure still bodes well according to our analysis towards maintaining better speeds and lower lag times holistically.

We did find it impressive that it does offer a lot more servers in places like Southeast and South Asia than other similar VPN server providers.


ExpressVPN Application

Compatibility is a critical factor when selecting a VPN because if a provider offers dedicated apps for different OS and devices such as best vpn for kodi. It becomes far easier for the user to setup and use the VPN application.


ExpressVPN has an immaculate repertoire of compatible VPN applications for nearly all kinds of popular devices and OS platforms. It offers easy to use compatible apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora & Cent OS), along with lightweight browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


But that’s not it as ExpressVPN also provides multiple installation guides to allow you to setup its VPN application on gaming consoles, routers modem vpn etc. The installation guide repository is highly detailed. If you are looking for any setup guides, you can easily find it on its website.

If you are still unable to locate exactly what you are looking for, just ask its ultra-responsive live chat correspondent to guide you there and you will be provided with the link to the most suitable VPN application within a few seconds.




ExpressVPN Japan

Not many VPNs focus on the South East Asian region, but that is not the case with ExpressVPN. This provider offers 2 Japanese servers by the names of Japan – Tokyo – 1 and Japan – Tokyo – 2 as a VPN Japan.


The Tokyo 1 server is better than the Tokyo 2 server because it offers support for all types of protocols including OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, L2TP/IPSec, IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP and SSTP.

The Tokyo 2 server doesn’t support L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP, so if you are looking to connect to the VPN Japan through these protocols, you should go with Tokyo -1.

VPN Express Speed Test

ExpressVPN has some of the fastest speeds in the entire VPN industry. Clocking in at 35 MBPS on a 40 MBPS internet connection is no mean feat for a VPN. Not a lot of VPNs could have manage to clock anywhere upwards of 30 MBPS on a similar connection.

It’s also extremely safe to use because there are no DNS leaks at all ensuring that you remain protected at all times and during all online activities.

Breakdowns rarely take place with ExpressVPN which comes in real handy on streaming website like Netflix, where you can watch your favourite content without the fear of your connection ever going down on you encountering too much buffering. You can find more speed tests in this expressvpn review.


ExpressVPN Netflix

Netflix has been a game-changer in the world of entertainment since its inception and despite the rise of similar services that provide online streaming libraries like Hulu and Fire TV, Netflix still rules the roost in the streaming domain across the world.

However, one big turn off on Netflix is that it has published different content libraries for each region. This implies that a person using Netflix Japan won’t be able to watch many shows that might be available for a person using Netflix US.

And because Netflix US has perhaps the best library among all Netflix regional distributions, a majority of the subscribers to the service look to access Netflix US. But that can’t be done unless you are using a VPN Netflix and none of your choices will be better than ExpressVPN.

Offering faster speeds and a far better streaming experience, ExpressVPN for Netflix is your best choice as a VPN. All you need to do in order to access Netflix US from Japan is to follow these mentioned steps:

  1. Buy a pricing plan at ExpressVPN
  2. Download and Install their OS client on your device
  3. Enter your personal user credentials (VPN username and password)
  4. Connect to a US server
  5. Visit and start streaming right away with this great VPN Netflix in place! (Do ensure that you have a valid Netflix subscription before doing this)

Here is a testament to ExpressVPN’s excellent capabilities in unblocking not just Netflix US, but also other geo-restricted versions of the site in places like Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Sydney.



Tokyo Server



Los Angeles Server



Amsterdam Server



London Server



Sydney Server


ExpressVPN Reputation

ExpressVPN’s solid performance has provided it some extremely loyal users who never fail to mention the service’s excellent performance on all fronts.

On Reddit, a user curated social media site, ExpressVPN reputation is highly positive as it is praised by most of the users for its highly powerful servers that work great on unblocking Netflix US, a feat that is not matched at the same level by many other VPN providers in the industry.

On the other hand, some users were full of praise for the provider on its reliability. One user specifically mentioned the provider’s capability to provide a seamless experience from major streaming regions like US and UK. The user also noted ExpressVPN’s great customer service and said that they offer a prompt change of server if the one you are connected with does not respond/work.

ExpressVPN reputation on many other similar social media sites is equally positive, with the exception of reviews in the Google Play Store. They are filled with spam messages with nonsensical rants about the service, so we chose to ignore them, as they don’t come in as genuine user reviews.




ExpressVPN Crack

Cracks are highly insecure form of software and you should stay away from them as much as you can. Conventionally, some shady websites lure you in with the promise of offering you a fully free version of a software, which can only be bought for a certain paid sum at its original provider’s website.


These shady websites often use these crack links to instil malware, Trojans, tracking agents etc. on to your device, so it’s imperative for you to understand the repercussions of going through this route.

The dangers of potential damage to your system and extremely sensitive data is not worth the lure of saving a small amount of money by going for the crack.

ExpressVPN is one such similar service/software for which people look for cracks to download. This is due to the high price of ExpressVPN’s subscription. But you need to remember that there are no verified and authentic cracks available of this service/software, so if you do come across one, you need to know that this is a trap that will rip you off big time.

If you want to use ExpressVPN, go for the authentic VPN applications by buying a subscription plan.



ExpressVPN China

China is probably the most notorious country in the world in terms of internet censorship. The infamous “Great Firewall” that blocks access too much of the free internet in China cannot be bypassed by most VPNs, but that is not the case with ExpressVPN.


This provider works excellently in China, providing you with much needed online anonymity and freedom. ExpressVPN doesn’t have indigenous Chinese servers due to the stringent policy of the country against VPNs, but it does have some great servers in nearby countries like Japan and India to guarantee you greater speeds and ease of connectivity.

If you are going to visit China for a very short period, then you can go for the ExpressVPN monthly plan at $12.95.




How to use ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an extremely easy to use service. It offers multiple OS clients (that we have mentioned in detail above) with a streamlined interface and intuitive designs that customers can use without any difficulty.

Here’s how you can download and install its VPN client to protect your anonymity online:

  1. Go to and purchase a subscription plan.
  2. Secure user credentials and login to your account on the sitehow-to-use-expressvpn-in-japan
  3. Download the compatible OS client and let it install on your system by giving it necessary permissions
  4. Once the installation is complete, enter your VPN username and password to proceed further
  5. Select a server manually or let the software choose the best one for you automatically
  6. Click Connect and you are now using ExpressVPN to protect your online privacy

Cancel ExpressVPN

If you don’t want to continue further with the service, then cancelling your subscription is very easy. For e.g. if you have bought a yearly plan and you don’t want to renew the plan, then you can proceed to cancel this provision by going through the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account on ExpressVPN’s website
  2. Go to My Subscriptions > Automatic Renewal > Manage Settings
  3. Once here, just go forth and select the “Turn automatic renewal OFF”
  4. After this, also select “Stop my service on expiration date”
  5. Your service will not be renewed automatically know

These steps are only necessary for those who paid through Credit Card or Paypal. If you paid through BitPay, then you don’t need to go through these steps as automatic renewal is not available in that payment option.

One important thing to note here is that the refund period lasts 30 days and if you decide to end your subscription after that, all you can do is cancel automatic renewal.

ExpressVPN Free Alternatives

ExpressVPN is a paid provider so obviously, it will offer a lot more premium features than a VPN Free service. However, a majority of free providers are not even worth a try due to their lack of reference to privacy. Likewise, most of them have allegations of just providing a service that acts as a front for an underlying program used to plant malware, tracking codes etc. into user systems. Note: Wait for a Second Read a detailed comparison of ExpressVPN vs NordVPN.

There are very few VPN free services that we can guarantee are safe and perform well. These free providers have been active in the market for years now and enjoy the trust of millions across the globe. Here are the top 2 free alternatives you can try if you don’t want to buy the ExpressVPN premium subscription:


This is perhaps one of the oldest VPN Free in the market and in that period, it has amassed a user base comprising of a whopping 550 million users worldwide.

HotSpot Shield is a stellar provider that allows users to bypass many geo-restricted sites but perhaps, it is best noted for allowing users to break through government censorship programs in stifling regimes.


It offers a 500 MB data cap per day of usage, which is great when we compare it to other free providers that don’t provide even half of that.

But, Hotspot Shield does have its fair share of problems, like frequent breakdowns in service and DNS leaks (rarely, but it does happen). So if you are going for this provider, do remember that this is a free service so it won’t offer you as much as a paid provider like ExpressVPN can.


  1. 500 MB data cap per day
  2. US Server Location Provided
  3. Compatible Apps available


  1. One connection
  2. Suspect to frequent breakdowns


One of the most secure services amongst free provider lot, this Bear geared VPN Free has slowly but surely established itself as a reputable free provider that secures your anonymity online.

Tunnelbear has the best encryption according to industry standards and has a strict zero logs policy, which makes it exemplary in the world of Free VPNs. Where most providers use the data of users to make profits by selling it to third party sources, this provider doesn’t.


The only turn off with Tunnelbear is that it provides a data cap of just 500 MB per month, so you won’t be able to do much with it. For a more generous data cap i.e. unlimited, you can use a paid provider like ExpressVPN.


  1. 5 simultaneous device connections possible
  2. Powerful encryption
  3. Seamless User Interface


  1. Data limit is 500 MB/month
  2. Doesn’t support P2P.

ExpressVPN Download

Downloading any of the compatible OS apps of ExpressVPN is incredibly easy. The website contains the download links of all the OS clients except for mobile apps. Here are the download links for all the apps available at

  1. For Windows
  2. For Mac
  3. For Linux
  4. For Chrome Extension
  5. For Firefox Extension
  6. For Safari Extension
  7. For Android App
  8. For iOS App



ExpressVPN Torrent

One of the best things about ExpressVPN is that it offers Torrenting on all of its 148 server locations worldwide. This allows you to indulge in torrenting activities safely and anonymously irrespective of where you are situated on the globe at the moment.


Torrenting without a VPN can land you up in serious trouble because many of the material you acquire or share through Torrenting lies in the grey area of copyright infringement. Entertainment firms often hire copyright trolls whose sole purpose is to identify any transgressors of local copyright laws and then send them legal and financial litigation notices.

To bypass this problem, you need a strong VPN to protect you like ExpressVPN. This provider offers multiple features especially useful for activities like Torrenting for e.g. a kill switch, strong encryption, zero logging, and live chat support among others.

ExpressVPN also provides an excellent privacy checker, through which you can check your IP before and after connecting to the VPN in order to properly ensure that you are safe before you start Torrenting.

ExpressVPN is an ideal partner for uTorrent user’s providing turbo speed downloads over the very lite torrent client. UTorrent is a widely used torrent client known for being lite on system resources while delivering great download speed through its customizable interface. (Read our detailed utorrent vpn download guide)

ExpressVPN’s apps and uTorrent were made for each other considering both apps are highly user friendly and ridiculously efficient on user devices. We downloaded a 109 MB file using ExpressVPN and an unnamed VPN service on a controlled 1 MBPS connection, the results were as follows:

UnnamedVPN– Netherlands Server

unnamed torrent server


ExpressVPN– Netherlands Server

ExpressVPN Netherlands Server


The average speed for the unnamed brand ranged between 85 kB/s and got stable at 79 kB/s. ExpressVPN however had speed ranging between a high of 103 kB/s and 83 kB/sec. You can also tweak uTorrent to optimize speed to work faster with ExpressVPN.



ExpressVPN Router

Configuring a VPN on your router is perhaps the best way to secure all of your internet devices at once and guarantee that you can easily bypass ISP restrictions. ExpressVPN offers sturdy protection on routers and it’s not complicated to use it at all.


All you need to do in order to configure VPN on your router is visit this page and select the kind of Router you have from the list available and you will be guided to a page which contains the specific installation guide to setup ExpressVPN on your router.

The best part about these Router installation guides is that they come in highly interactive videos making it easier and fun for you to configure the VPN.

ExpressVPN Apple TV

Expressvpn Apple TV enthusiasts are growing in huge numbers by each passing owing to the astonishing combination of the power of modern day Smart TVs coupled with magic of the Apple Brand. Apple TV is a great streaming device and one that you need to have in order to understand exactly as to why people go gaga over everything Apple so much.


And if you do own one already, you can amplify your experience by setting up a VPN on it to unblock many geo restricted streaming sites like Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu US and more.

Setting up a VPN on Apple TV is a lengthy but quite an easy process and you can be through with it in under 6 minutes.

For those who own a 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen or even the latest 4th gen Apple TV device, here’s how you can setup a Media Streamer DNS connection on it:

  1. Use a third party service to acquire your unique DDNS hostname
  2. We are using Dynu for this, but you can opt for any other service according to your preference
  3. First, you will need to create an account with Dynu. This is a free service so all you will need to enter are your simple personal details like name and email address
  4. Verify your Dynu account before proceeding further
  5. Log in to your account using your Dnyu username and password you just authenticated
  6. Now once you’ve logged in, go to Control Panel > DDNS Services
  7. Once inside this option, click on the Blue button on the top right corner of the page titled “Add”
  8. Now you will be prompted with two options. The first identifies itself as an option for “Use our domain Name”. In this option you can choose to setup a new domain name using Dynu’s service, or if you have an existing domain name with you, just go to option two and enter it
  9. Now tap on “Add”
  10. Select “Enable IPV6 Address” after disabling the default option for “Wildcard Alias”
  11. Now tap on “Save”
  12. You now have a valid Dynu account
  13. Proceeding further, we now will have to register the new hostname with ExpressVPN
  14. Visit and enter your user credentials to log in to your account
  15. Select “DNS Settings” from the option bar at the top
  16. Now scroll down till you find “Dynamic DNS Registration” and enter the hostname (you just created this with your Dynu account)
  17. If you used the “Use our Domain Name” option at Dynu, then enter the hostname with the suffix “”. If you went for option to, just simply enter your domain existing name
  18. Now tap on “Save Hostname”
  19. A new “Updated” notification will appear just below the bar where you entered your Domain name
  20. Go back to “My Subscription” option from the top bar
  21. Tap on Setup ExpressVPN > Apple TV
  22. On the lower right corner of the page, you will see your DNS server IP address. Note it down
  23. Now go to your Apple TV and opt for Settings > Network
  24. Now click on “Ethernet” or “Wifi” option appearing on top of the screen depending on what type of internet connection you are currently using
  25. Tap on “Configure DNS” > Manual
  26. You will see a screen that identifies your current DNS address. Change it to the DNS server IP address you got from ExpressVPN, but don’t forget to save the original one somewhere as it will come in handy whenever you will want to revert your Apple TV device to its original state
  27. Now tap on “Done”
  28. Go to “Settings” again and select “System”
  29. Scroll down to the bottom to tap on “Restart”
  30. Once your device restarts, you will be working with a ExpressVPN powered DNS service on your Apple TV device



ExpressVPN Android

ExpressVPN is a highly reliable, premier VPN service available in the market. Its features and performance levels are second to none, but when we headed over to the Play Store to check for user reviews of the service, most of them described the service as bad or pathetic.

As we have used the service for ourselves and known it to perform well and according to our needs, we suspect that most of these reviews are spam and negativity spread by competitors.

We generally dislike this trend of using the review platforms to disintegrate a service and de-market it in front of millions of users. Reviews are a place where genuine users describe their experience with the service and share it with other potential users and invading this trustworthy source is not a good strategy.

Not just with ExpressVPN, but you will find this trend common with other providers as well such a PureVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, NordVPN etc.

ExpressVPN Price and Cost

A bit costlier than other services in the market definitely, ExpressVPN’s stellar service more than makes up for the high price tags of its subscription plans.


Currently, ExpressVPN offers three different types of pricing plans:

  1. The Monthly Subscription Plan which costs $12.95 billed once
  2. Half Yearly Subscription Plan which costs $59.95 billed once ($9.99/month)
  3. The Yearly Subscription Plan which costs $99.95 billed once ($8.32/month)

All features offered by the provider are available in all the three plans with the only difference being the duration of your subscription.

Right now, there are no coupon codes available with this provider.

ExpressVPN offers 148 server locations, AES 256 encryption, multiple protocol support, faster speeds, dedicated support for streaming, kill switch among other top grade features, justifying the high price is charges for its subscription plans.

If you are one of those who doesn’t want to risk privacy for something cheaper, then ExpressVPN is definitely the VPN for you.

Is ExpressVPN Safe

VPNs are safe only if they pass two tests. Firstly, they shouldn’t be keeping any logs of any kind whatsoever and secondly, their security infrastructure should be immaculate enough to guarantee your privacy online.

ExpressVPN passes both of these tests with flying colours. The provider doesn’t keep logs of any kind. In fact, it is one of the few VPNs out there whose servers brought up no data at all, thereby further establishing the credibility of the VPN.

As far as the security infrastructure is concerned, ExpressVPN offers a kill switch that protects you in the case of any disconnections. The best military grade AES 256 encryption with multiple protocol support to guard your data packets and 148 server locations to ensure that your original IP remains hidden.

This is perhaps the best type of security a VPN can offer, so we can vouch for the fact that ExpressVPN is an extremely safe VPN that you can trust with online privacy needs.

ExpressVPN FAQ


How Much Is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN offers multiple pricing plans to cater to different needs. They currently offer three, duration based plans:

Monthly Plan

Cost: JPY 1419.27/month

Half Yearly Plan

Cost: JPY6570.28 billed once

Yearly Plan

Cost: JPY10954.12 billed once

How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost Per Month In Japan?

As per the international prevalent rates on June 25th 2018, the monthly subscription of ExpressVPN costs JPY 1419.27 as a VPN Japan.

What Can I Do With ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN will allow you to bypass internet restrictions and access much more freedom online. On top of this, you will be safe from government surveillance, ISP data monitoring, Snoopers and hackers if you use this VPN. It will also help you in securing your sensitive financial and personal data online as it’s almost next to impossible to break into ExpressVPN’s protection systems.

ExpressVPN will also open many gateways of entertainment by allowing you to access geo-restricted websites like Netflix US and Hulu US through its base of 148 servers spread across the world.

Is It Legal To Use ExpressVPN in Japan?

In most parts of the world, using a VPN, in general, is legal and that stands true for Japan as well. ExpressVPN is perfectly legal to deploy and use as a VPN Japan.



ExpressVPN Gets Featured At BestVPN.Co

ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers in the industry and offers amazing features. Many review websites feature ExpressVPN as the best provider. Its popularity is far spread, as the VPN service commands a healthy audience from different parts of the world.

Following the footsteps of other review websites, also features ExpressVPN as a top-tier provider. The extensive review of the service reveals interesting facts. Some commendable points include ExpressVPN’s server locations, encryption and protocols, 30-day money back guarantee, and other features such as WebRTC and DNS leak protection. However, one of the negative points, as per the review, is ExpressVPN’s expensive pricing plans.

All in all, ExpressVPN scored 4 out of 5 on rating scale. It received 4 stars on features and speeds, but lacked rating on connectivity

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Kodi

  1. Before you start installation you need to download a zip file from Zomboided repository and save it onto your device.How to Setup ExpressVPN on Kodi
  2. Open Kodi on your device > Go to Kodi Addons > Click on the small box icon on the top left side > Install from zip file > Select the file that you downloaded before the start of the installation > Wait for the installation to complete.expressvpn kodi
  3. Install from repository >Click onZomboided Add-on Repository> Select Services > Now click on VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Click on Install.expressvpn manager for openvpn
  4. When the installation is complete, a pop-up box will appear where you need to put all the information regarding ExpressVPN > Select ExpressVPN from the list > Enter Login and Password.expressvpn kodi setup
  5. When you have inserted ID and Password, click on the left tab ‘VPN Connections’ > Select ‘First VPN Connection’ option from the list >Click OK.expressvpn kodi settings
  6. Once you are done, you are completely safe and secure in using Kodi by using a Kodi VPN. Enjoy!

ExpressVPN Mac Setup

ExpressVPN offers great compatibility for Mac OS through its dedicated VPN client that is extremely easy download, setup and run on your system. The lightweight nature of this client is perhaps its greatest feature because it won’t introduce lag on your system like other Mac VPN clients by other providers.

Here’s a step a step process to easily guide you through the process of setting up the ExpressVPN Mac client on your system:

  1. After you have paid for a pricing plan at ExpressVPN, you will receive an email that confirms your account being setup with the provider along with your VPN login credentials.
  2. Once you have your credentials, go to and click on “My Account” option located at the top of the page.
  3. Now enter your VPN credentials i.e. your VPN username and password that you received in your email and click on the Red button that says “Sign in”.
  4. You will now be directed to new page where you need to click on a Green Button that says “Setup ExpressVPN”, which will again take you to a new page which contains all the compatible VPN clients by ExpressVPN.
  5. Select “Mac” from the multiple VPN client links available and then click on the red button on the centre right of the page that says “Download”.
  6. As the Installer gets downloaded, copy your activation code by clicking on the top right corner of the blue rectangle that appears above the download links for VPN clients.
  7. Open the Installer now and click “Continue” on the first screen prompted to you.
  8. Click “Continue” again on the next prompt.
  9. Now the installer will ask you where you want to locate the setup in your system. If you are okay with the default location suggested by the installer, Click “Continue”..
  10. The Installer will now convey the file size of the setup. Click “Install”.
  11. To proceed further, provide your Mac username and password to authorize the installation process. Once you have filled in the required details, click on “Install software”.
  12. The Installer will now ask you whether you have installed the ExpressVPN client previously or this is first time installation. If you have done it previously, then click on “Keep Existing Account”. This way, you won’t be required to enter the activation code as the system will use the code that was entered the previous time you installed the software automatically. However, if this is a new installation, click on “Remove Existing account and let me switch to another account” and then click on “Continue”.
  13. The Installer will now setup the VPN client on your Mac.
  14. Once the installation ends, a prompt will appear asking you to authorize permission for sharing your speed test and other data anonymously with ExpressVPN. We don’t recommend this, so uncheck this option and click on “Continue”.
  15. A prompt will appear now notifying you of the successful installation of the ExpressVPN Mac VPN client on your system. Click “Close”.
  16. The app will now automatically open on your system and ask you for the activation code to be entered. This is the same activation code that you copied from the ExpressVPN app download page. Enter this code in the box and click “OK”.
  17. The app will now begin the process of activation. Once this ends, click on “Start using the app”.
  18. The app will suggest a Smart location depending on what it believes will perform best for you depending on your internet speed, your current location and other factors. If you are okay with the Smart location, click the “Connect” button and it will turn green, indicating that the connection was successful. If you want to disconnect, click on the “Connect” button again.
  19. If you want to choose a location for a server you wish to connect to yourself, then click on “Choose Location” and select the server from the second option on the top right named “All”. If you want to store a server as your favourite for easy access, then click on the star right next to the server name.
  20. Now, if you want to change the server anytime without opening the VPN client, simply click on the ExpressVPN logo on the top of the menu bar for accessing a drop down menu from where you can change your location.



ExpressVPN iOS/iPad Setup

This providers offers a highly intuitive VPN client for iOS devices, allowing you with the ease of using a VPN on your iPhone or iPad with incredible ease. ExpressVPN’s iOS app is highly preferred by a majority of users as it’s a whole lot more easy to setup and use the VPN through it than by doing the same thing through manual configuration.

If you too want to download and install the iOS app by ExpressVPN on your favourite device, then follow this step by step tutorial:

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on the icon with three parallel horizontal bars (dropdown menu) and select “My Account”. Enter your VPN username and password on the new prompt and click on the green button that says “Sign In”.
  3. Now when you get in to your account, tap on the green button that says “Setup ExpressVPN”.
  4. You will now find yourself being redirected to the iOS setup page. Click on the black button that says “Download on the App store”. This will take you the ExpressVPN app page on the iTunes store. Now tap on Get > Install.
  5. Now at the top left of your screen, you’ll see the icon for “Safari” browser. Tap on it and then on the iOS setup page, tap on the red button that says “Tap here” and it will launch the VPN app. Doing this will save you from the effort of re-entering your VPN credentials in the app again.
  6. Now click on “Allow” and again on “Allow” on the new prompt which asks whether you want to give permission for the VPN configuration or not.
  7. Now authorize the setup process by providing the device with your Passcode/Touch ID/Face ID.
  8. Now the app will ask permission for ExpressVPN to access anonymized analytics from your device. Tap on “Disallow”.
  9. Now tap on “”Skip the Tour”.
  10. The app will now automatically suggest a Smart Location for you depending on a wide variety of factors. If you are ok with this suggestion, then tap on the “Connect” button and it will turn green. To disconnect, click on the “Connect button again”.
  11. You can also choose your own preferred location by tapping on “Choose location”.

Manual Configuration Options for ExpressVPN Compatibility

Express VPN is a highly compatible VPN for all kinds of various devices and OS as it offers dedicated support to allow for setting up its VPN in very easy, highly structured guides.

These setup guides and tutorials can prove highly valuable to users in setting up their VPN on all popular operating systems as well as consoles, routers and TV devices.

Some of the setup guides for popular niche platforms are explained.


How to Setup ExpressVPN on Xbox One

Xbox one is much more than a gaming console as you can watch movies, access streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and others through this amazing device as well.

As much of the online streaming sites are geo-restricted, you will need to setup a VPN on your Xbox to unblock the site to enjoy your favourite streaming libraries to the fullest on your Xbox one.

Now, there are two ways through which a VPN can be enable on an Xbox one. The first one is a bit long and that is by configuring a DNS server on the device. If you want to know how this is done, then follow this step by step guide:

Set Up Express VPN DNS on Xbox One:

  1. To begin with, let’s use a third party service to acquire your unique DDNS hostname.
  2. com is a great service for accomplishing this task as its easy to use and highly interactive. But if you want, you can go for any other service according to your preference.
  3. Create an account with This is a free service and won’t require any financial details so all you will need to enter are your simple personal details like name and email address.
  4. Verify your Dynu account through the link sent in your email before proceeding further.
  5. Log in to your account on using your Dnyu username and password you just authenticated.
  6. Go to Control Panel > DDNS Services.
  7. Once inside this option, click on the Blue button on the top right corner of the page titled “Add”.
  8. Now you will be presented with two options. The first identifies itself as an option for “Use our domain Name”. In this option you can choose to setup a new domain name using Dynu’s service, or if you have an existing domain name with you, just go to option two and enter it.
  9. Now tap on “Add”.
  10. Select “Enable IPV6 Address” after disabling the default option for “Wildcard Alias”.
  11. Now tap on “Save”.
  12. You now have a valid Dynu account.
  13. Proceeding further, register the new hostname with ExpressVPN.
  14. Visit and enter your user credentials to log in to your account.
  15. Select “DNS Settings” from the option bar at the top.
  16. Now scroll down till you find “Dynamic DNS Registration” and enter the hostname (you just created this with your Dynu account).
  17. If you used the “Use our Domain Name” option at Dynu, then enter the hostname with the suffix “”. If you went for option to, just simply enter your domain existing name.
  18. Now tap on “Save Hostname”.
  19. A new “Updated” notification will appear just below the bar where you entered your Domain name.
  20. Go back to “My Subscription” option from the top bar.
  21. Tap on Setup ExpressVPN > Xbox.
  22. On the lower right corner of the page, you will see your DNS server IP address. Note it down.
  23. Now Turn on your Xbox.
  24. Go to the main screen then open the Settings menu.
  25. In the Settings menu, select the System option.
  26. From System settings select, Language & Location.
  27. Set Language to Englishand Location to United States.
  28. Once you are done with the language and locations menu, return to the Settings menu.
  29. Now go to Network option.
  30. Select Advanced Settings.
  31. Select DNS Settings.
  32. Select the ManualOption.
  33. A screen will now appear where you will be prompted to enter Primary IPv4 DNS in box. In this box, enter the DNS you secured from the ExpressVPN Xbox setup page.
  34. Enter the same DNS in the Secondary IPv4 DNS box.
  35. Press “B” to ensure that the changes you just made are remembered and saved.
  36. Click “Continue”.
  37. The mediastreamer is now ready to use on your Xbox one!



How to Set up ExpressVPN on Router for Xbox One:

The second way to ensure that all traffic from your Xbox One passes automatically through a VPN is to setup a VPN on your router. This ensures that not just your Xbox One but all of your internet connected devices are automatically routed through a secure VPN connection.

As each router is different and comes with its own unique settings, ExpressVPN provides comprehensive and easy to understand guides for each one. To know about the setup guide fo your router, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and click on “”Products”
  2. Select “VPN for Router” and you will be directed to this page
  3. Now you can choose your router from the ones listed and be guided to a setup page explaining how to setup ExpressVPN on your router.
  4. ExpressVPN provides a dedicated app for the following routers, thereby allowing a much faster and more streamline setup process:
  • Asus RT-AC56(U/R/S)
  • Asus RT-AC68U
  • Asus RT-AC87U
  • Linksys EA6200
  • Linksys WRT1200AC
  • Linksys WRT1900AC(S)
  • Linksys WRT3200ACM
  • Netgear R6300
  • Netgear R7000
  • Netgear Nighthawk R7000

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Chromecast

The Chromecast USB doesn’t offer any kind of in-built support for VPNs so therefore the best possible way of deploying a VPN enabled connected on Chromecast is to setup VPN on your Router.

ExpressVPN offers dedicated setup guides for nearly all popular kinds of routers. The setup guide for ExpressVPN router setup guides and the list of routers that support ExpressVPN’s dedicated router app are listed above:


Comparison of ExpressVPN with Other VPN Providers

If you are not sure about this vpn, don’t make a quick decision.Here is a list of expressvpn compared with other vpn service providers.



ExpressVPN enjoys the best credibility among similar VPN services operating in the market by doing its job of providing the ultimate online security and privacy solutions for users across the globe.

If you are looking to subscribe to a VPN that would never leave you exposed in the online domain, then go for ExpressVPN, the most powerful and speediest VPN in the industry at the moment.