*May 2017 Updated*- Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is a premium online privacy & security provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Express VPN offers robust online privacy and anonymity to its subscribers when browsing, accessing secure servers from public networks, downloading torrents, streaming videos, communicating through VoIP and uploading files to databases.

Express offers a premium bundle of services including a vast global server footprint, multi-platform compatibility, brilliant user friendly apps, dedicated 24/7/365 customer support and much more. Since ExpressVPN is based in the Virgin Islands it does not conform to any data retention laws and are not bound by any US authority to submit customer data upon request, therefore the provider offers absolutely zero logging policies.

Express VPN is a premium service that offers provides quality tunneling and encryption to internet users looking for high-end internet security and online freedom. The service is considered to be one of the most professional VPN providers in the industry, and has a sophisticated server spread that users can access through user-friendly software.



ExpressVPN Gets Featured At BestVPN.Co

ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers in the industry and offers amazing features. Many review websites feature ExpressVPN as the best provider. Its popularity is far spread, as the VPN service commands a healthy audience from different parts of the world.

Following the footsteps of other review websites, BestVPN.co also features ExpressVPN as a top-tier provider. The extensive review of the service reveals interesting facts. Some commendable points include ExpressVPN’s server locations, encryption and protocols, 30-day money back guarantee, and other features such as WebRTC and DNS leak protection. However, one of the negative points, as per the review, is ExpressVPN’s expensive pricing plans.

All in all, ExpressVPN scored 4 out of 5 on BestVPN.co rating scale. It received 4 stars on features and speeds, but lacked rating on connectivity.

Express VPN Plans & Pricing Review

Express VPN offers one deluxe package through three basic pricing plans.

The average cost of Express VPN per month for 12 month subscribers is $8.32 per month.

The 6 month plan is slightly more expensive than the 12 month plan, and offers the same range of features and functions at a price of $59.94. This brings the monthly average cost of an Express VPN subscription to $9.99.

The 1 month plan is the most expensive of them all and is one of the priciest VPN plan on the internet. A one month subscription to Express VPN costs $12.95. Charging a slightly higher price helps Express VPN ensure that users opting for the 1 month plan benefit from the same services, features and functions that are available in the 12 month plan.



Express VPN Real User Reviews 2016

Express VPN subscribers have approached us on various occasions for help and support with their apps, desktops configuration, router setup and other issues. At Expressvpnreviewz.com, we do our best to help readers sort out their technical and service issues immediately. 

Here is a user who had an issue with their activation code for the app, we suggested them to request a new code from ExpressVPN support in an email plus contact them on the live Chat service.

“My computer restarted and it’s asking me for my activation code. I went into my email and tried putting it in again, and it won’t accept it.”

One user actually thought we were responsible for payments, we actually suggested they go to the official ExpressVPN customer area and fill out a query for the refund there.

“I just have renewed my one year subscription through iTunes bill without remembering i have set recurring payment through my PayPal account. Now the amount of US$.99.9 has been deducted two times from my credit account. Please re send me back US$.99.9 to PayPal account to re solve the issue.”

Similarly new support comments kept on coming in and we kept on helping them. For instance helping this poor fellow setup his Asus Router. 

“Hi I try to connect with my router, but somehow I can’t connect please give me an advice what to do.I have ASUS RT-AC3200 router.”

Some functional issues are unavoidable, take this user for instance who did not receive the registration email to confirm service activation. We directed him straight to Live Support. 

“Hi, I have ordered but did not revive the e-mail yet”

Then there are other days when issues are so complex or confidential we have no option to send the users to ExpressVPN’s on-site support. 

“I created one other ticket for express VPN and learned that I was doing something wrong. I hope it is the same this time. I have been using it for a few weeks and it has worked great for my purposes. The ONLY issue that I have seen is that I need to open and turn on all my browser pages and games BEFORE I connect to my VPN location. This is because after I connect, I cannot open any other web pages or online games. It gives me a “no internet connection” error every time I try to make a new connection to the internet after connecting to the VPN.”

Here are some more issues and feedback from ExpressVPN users who approached us for help. 

“I hope, again, this is just user error and I can fix this issue. This is a very annoying issue, for instance, say that I am playing a video game and watching a stream on my other monitor, the streamer I am watching has quit streaming for the day so I need to find another one or risk gaming in silence. I try to load up the streaming website to find another streamer and it says that I am offline… Even though my game is working fine and the last streamer website was loading fine. Please help me find a fix for this. I love your product but this is very annoying.”

“A great VPN,I bought a Panasonic Smart TV and installed Google Chrome and want to install Express VPN. I am confused with the information I read on the Express VPN site relating to a manual install for an Android device.”

“Do I install for Android or Windows and why are other devices showing the VPN is installed when I no longer have these devices. Thanks for a great VPN, but I am confused, even though I am very experienced with computer tech stuff.”

“Please can you cancel my subscription ID 10805222;I don’t expect to get billed for the evaluation period OR Please refund me. The service worked for a week and I have battled for 3 days solid trying to connect to Netflix.”

One user want to install latest version of expressvpn software on his RMBP laptop machine and wont find any software on expressvpn site:

“I am running OS 10.9.5 on my rMBP laptop.  Do you have a version of Express VPN that will work with this OS?  Thanks.”

Countless ExpressVPN subscribers have approached us looking for support and to provide them the highest quality solutions, in accordance to our authority and knowledge. We highly recommend that ExpressVPN users’ initially contact the provider on the official website for the perfect solutions. In case our solution given below doesn’t work do let us know and we will revise and improve it with a more engaging & helpful one. 

FAQ – Billing And Cancellations

“We seem to be getting charged on a monthly basis when we only signed up for one month – could you please contact me as a matter of urgency? and cancel our subscription please?”


Dear ExpressVPN subscriber, to unsubscribe from the service all you have to do is access the My Account Section on the official website. You will also need to fill out a support ticket for ExpressVPN to refund your overcharged fees for services that you did not consume.

Request in the support ticket for all the receipts and do get in contact with the live Chat representative to talk to a senior manager from sales & marketing. We are only here to offer service reviews, support on issues & setup guides in case the provider has disappointed you. ExpressVPN is established with a proper refund policy so they should return the overcharged fees to you. 

In case they disappoint you do let us know and we will grill them proper. 

Streaming and Wifi

Would your VPN service assist me with video streaming while camping? I have Apple products and would like to stream content from Netflix or Hulu. I realize free WiFi in campgrounds can be slow, spotty and unreliable. I am camping in the USA in Michigan. Would using my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot and a VPN solve this issue or would it use too much bandwidth? Thanks for your help with my questions.


Dear ExpressVPN user, yes ExpressVPN works with all Apple devices including the iPad, iPod and iPhone. The ExpressVPN iOS app can be found on the Apple app store and will serve you really well for Netflix & HULU. DO remember that not all ExpressVPN servers work with Netflix, so do get in contact with on-site live chat in your My Account section to know which ones to use to unblock Netflix.

Yes using your iPhone as a Hotspot means that you will incur high data charges. Consider getting a MIFI or Mobile Wi-Fi device, they have great reception in open areas like camping sites and can connect upto 10 devices. Check out for existing MIFI services & packages here, this should sort out your streaming issues. Just to let you know, since you are in the US you don’t need ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix & HULU. You might need it to secure your iPhone & iPad from hackers with the service.

P.S: Read our guide on how to setup apple tv on expressvpn

Expressvpn with Deluge

Where can I find instructions on how to setup ExpressVPN with Deluge?


  1. Connect to a VPN server (preferably in a torrent friendly country like Switzerland or Netherlands)

  2. Check ip lookup and verify your ip address

  3. Open Deluge and you are good to go.


There are countless user reviews for Express VPN on the internet, but this tweet stands out. Users trust Express VPN to the point where they actually gift it to friend and family. This is a major testament to Express VPN’s service quality.

Chinese internet users are frequently forced to switch VPN services when the government launches IP blacklisting campaigns to identify and block out VPN services. Express VPN is one of the few services that are frequently preferred and recommended best vpn for china..

Users travelling to Asian regions frequently post positive ExpressVPN reviews.

Any VPN service can unblock websites, but only a few have the sophisticated server network required to provide quality services. Express VPN users frequently recommend the service for a quality streaming experience.

While most people seem to love the app, there is no doubt in the fact that Express VPN is one of the more premium VPN services available online. However, the reviews seem to insist that Express VPN gives users value for their money.

                           expressvpn user twitter reviews

Most modern VPN services don’t support VoIP applications like Skype because they hog the VPN’s bandwidth. However, Express VPN has always stood apart for providing a heavy duty VPN server spread that can easily accommodate streaming and Skyping users.


Express VPN is not completely free from problems. Dealing with the latest Android Lollipop seems to be a bit of an issue that Express VPN is still trying to cope with. But that doesn’t stop users from recommending the service and reaching out to the support. 


In addition to the quality service, Express VPN is also popular for running an excellent customer loyalty rewarding program. ExpressVPN reviews online are loaded with users praising the quality of the service and saving on the subscription costs by referring friends and family.


How to Setup ExpressVPN on Kodi

Step 1: Before you start installation you need to download a zip file from Zomboided repository and save it onto your device.

expressvpn kodi

Step 2: Open Kodi on your device > Go to Add-ons > Click on the small box icon on the top left side > Install from zip file > Select the file that you downloaded before the start of the installation > Wait for the installation to complete.

expressvpn kodi setup

Step 3: Install from repository >Click onZomboided Add-on Repository> Select Services > Now click on VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Click on Install.

express openvpn manager kodi

Step 4: When the installation is complete, a pop-up box will appear where you need to put all the information regarding ExpressVPN > Select ExpressVPN from the list > Enter Login and Password.

expressvpn kodi settings

Step 5: When you have inserted ID and Password, click on the left tab ‘VPN Connections’ > Select ‘First VPN Connection’ option from the list >Click OK.

expressvpn kodi connection

Step 6: Once you are done, you are completely safe and secure in using Kodi by using a Kodi VPN. Enjoy!


Does ExpressVPN Works on Popcorn Time

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services for securing your torrenting traffic. This makes ExpressVPN as the best Popcorn Time VPN. It allows safe and secure access to Popcorn Time from anywhere in the world.

The nature of Popcorn Time makes it dangerous for streaming content in various countries. Since it operates on P2P network, everyone sharing the same file can see the IP addresses of all the peers. This way your identity is visible and could get you into trouble with copyright holders.

popcorn time expressvpn


Express VPN Servers Review

The Express VPN network is populated with top-tier VPN servers, giving users the power to connect to leading VPN locations around the world. Connecting to VPN servers in these locations gives users the ability to obtain virtual IDs from these regions, by cloaking their IP addresses.

Express VPN has servers located in over 75 countries (in over 95 cities) around the world. The regions covered include countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

The server network is very dynamic and is constantly expanding. Unlike other VPN services that frequently suffer from service outage in busy regions, all Express VPN servers are live at all times.

Simply select the country of your choice, and activate Express VPN. An external IP address from your chosen location will be assigned to you and your IP address will become anonymous. This is the basic function of a VPN, but Express VPN stands apart thanks to fast connection speeds, well managed server traffic loads, and a well presented interface.

ExpressVPN Speed Test Review

Most VPN services can perform well over a good internet connection, so we tried to test it over a weak connection. We used the Ookla Speed Test service to measure our Ping, Upload speed and Download speed before connecting to ExpressVPN, and recorded the following stats:

                                            expressvpn speed review

We activated ExpressVPN and decided to connect to the fastest server in the US. Upon running the Speed Test once more, we recorded the following Ping, Upload speed and Download speed:



It is evident that the ExpressVPN tunneling and encryption took a bit of a toll on the Download speed, whereas the Upload speed almost remained the same. The difference in Ping is also negligible. This leads us to conclude that ExpressVPN is an internet connection friendly VPN service, and can provide quality services with all internet connection types.

ExpressVPN for Torrenting

Express VPN offers a huge range of server optimized for high speed torrenting. Subscribers’ can connect to a wide range of servers from USA to Europe for turbo speed torrent downloads without losing too much bandwidth.

ExpressVPN’s torrent optimized servers can be found in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, USA (New York & Washington), Luxembourg and Belgium. While subscribers in Asia & Oceania can use optimized servers based in Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea for super speed torrent downloads. 

ExpressVPN for uTorrent

ExpressVPN is an ideal partner for uTorrent user’s providing turbo speed downloads over the very lite torrent client. UTorrent is a widely used torrent client known for being lite on system resources while delivering great download speed through its customizable interface.

ExpressVPN’s apps and uTorrent were made for each other considering both apps are highly user friendly and ridiculously efficient on user devices. We downloaded a 109 MB file using ExpressVPN and an unnamed VPN service on a controlled 1 MBPS connection, the results were as follows:

UnnamedVPN– Netherlands Server

unnamedvpn torrent Server

ExpressVPN– Netherlands Server

expressvpn torrent server review

The average speed for the unnamed brand ranged between 85 kB/s and got stable at 79 kB/s. ExpressVPN however had speed ranging between a high of 103 kB/s and 83 kB/sec. You can also tweak uTorrent to optimize speed to work faster with ExpressVPN.

Express VPN Compatiblity

Custom Software & VPN Client

Express VPN is powered by a state-of-the art network architecture that is accessible through sophisticated custom software. Express VPN offers custom software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

                                Expressvpn apps

However, Express VPN does not require users to install the software to use its services. Users who want to run Express VPN on other devices (as well as those who want to manually configure the service on their Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices) can use the manual configuration option.


ExpressVPN Windows Setup Review

Once you have created your ExpressVPN account, you will receive an email from ExpressVPN. The email will confirm your subscription and give you a download link, your login credentials (user name and password) and a corresponding Activation Code.

Note down the Activation Code and click on the download link to go to the download page on the official ExpressVPN website. Login to the ExpressVPN website to start downloading the ExpressVPN Windows client. Once it has finished downloading, run the setup file.

  • Step 1

          This will start the ExpressVPN Windows Setup Wizard. Click on Install

                                                Expressvpn windows setup

  • Step 2

          Allow the program to make changes to your computer.


  • Step 3

          Click ‘Next’ to choose the folder to install ExpressVPN.


  • Step 4

          Click Next once you have chosen the installation destination for the ExpressVPN Windows software.


  • Step 5

           Your setup is almost complete. Click ‘Install’ to start the installation


  • Step 6

          Give the setup wizard a bit of time to install the ExpressVPN Windows software and then click on ‘Finish’ once the installation is complete.


  • Step 7

          Launch the ExpressVPN Windows client. You will be required to enter the Activation code you received in the email.


  • Step 8

          The ExpressVPN Windows software will ask you to select a VPN server location.



ExpressVPN Mac Setup Review

Once you have signed up for ExpressVPN for Mac, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login credentials and a download link for the ExpressVPN client for Mac users.

Click on the link and use the login details to activate your account to obtain your activation code and find the ExpressVPN Mac setup file for your Mac OSX version. Note down the activation code and download the ExpressVPN Mac OSX setup file to start the process.

  • Step 1

          Click ‘Continue’ to give your OS permission to run the setup


  • Step 2

          Click ‘Continue’ again and select an installation destination for your ExpressVPN client for Mac. Click on ‘Continue’ after selecting the destination and click ‘Install’ on the next screen to begin installation.


  • Step 3

           You will be asked to enter your login credentials at this point.


  • Step 4

          The ExpressVPN setup for Mac will then ask you to indicate if this is your first time installing the Mac client.

  • Select ‘Keep existing account’, if you have installed (and used) ExpressVPN on your current Mac OSX in the past.
  • Select ‘Remove existing account and let me switch to another account’ if this is the first time you are setting up ExpressVPN on your machine or if this is a new subscription that you will be activating through a new Activation Code.


  • Step 5

          The setup will complete installation and indicate that the software is now ready for use.


  • Step 6

          Start up your ExpressVPN client and enter your Activation Code to verify your subscription and launch the software.


  • Step 7

          Select an ExpressVPN server location of your choice by going through the server list (using the sorting options to view it by region or by name) and click on ‘Connect’ to activate your VPN.


ExpressVPN Android Setup Review

ExpressVPN offers a custom Android client that users can download off GooglePlay and run within a few minutes. The custom ExpressVPN Android app is very simple and only requires you to sign-up for your ExpressVPN account, download the app, enter your login credentials and pick a server.

The app is recommended for all Android device users who don’t want to go into the details of VPN configuration and who are not interested in the technical details.

This tutorial will discuss the manual setup guide that is ideal for users who are experienced with Android device settings and/or who are more comfortable with the built-in Android settings for VPN.

  • Step 1

          Complete the creation of your ExpressVPN account from the official website and check your email for the subscription confirmation. The subscription confirmation email will also contain your login credentials and a link to help you setup ExpressVPN on Android.

  • Step 2

           Activate your VPN account using the given link (in the email)

                                                  expressvpn android setup review

  • Step 3

          Access the ‘Manual Configuration’ section to obtain your the IPSec pre-shared key, username, password, and the list of ExpressVPN server addresses that you will need to setup ExpressVPN on Android.

  • Step 4

          Access Settings in your Android device


  • Step 5

           Access ‘More Settings’ in the ‘Settings’ Menu


  • Step 6

          Access VPN and select ‘Add VPN Network’ or tap on ‘+’, depending on your OS version


  • Step 7

          Follow these specific instructions closely:

  • Give your connection a name you will remember for your ExpressVPN profile
  • Choose ‘L2TP/IPSec PSK’ as Protocol.
  • Type the server address of the location of your choice. You can obtain the server address from the link to the list of ExpressVPN servers, provided in the subscription confirmation email.
  • Enter 12345678 as IPSec pre-shared key
  • Leave all other fields blank.
  • Tap ‘Save’


  • Step 8:

          A new connection will now be visible in your VPN list, under the name you chose to give it during the configuration process.


  • Step 9

          Tap on the new connection, enter your login credentials, and hit ‘Connect’, to activate your ExpressVPN Android.


ExpressVPN iOS Setup Review

ExpressVPN offers iPhone and iPad users the options, to either download the user-friendly ExpressVPN custom client for iOS, or configure the VPN manually using the built-in VPN settings.

Most iPhone users choose to use the custom ExpressVPN iOS app because it simplifies everything and is very easy to setup. On the other hand, expert iPhone and iPad users choose to manually configure their ExpressVPN.

This tutorial is for setting up the ExpressVPN client on iPhone and is also applicable for iPad users.

  • Step 1

          Download the ExpressVPN iOS app from the iTunes App store.

                                        expressvpn ios setup review

  • Step 2

           Retrieve the login credentials (username and password), and activation link from the Welcome email you received upon completing your subscription.

  • Step 3

          Click on the activation link, and enter your login credentials to activate your subscription.

  • Step 4

          Run the app and sign in using your ExpressVPN account credentials.


  • Step 5

          Tap ‘Install’ repeatedly to get through the two-tap installation process and tap ‘Done’ when the process is complete.


  • Step 6

          Go to your settings menu and change your DNS server to either Google DNS (, or Neustar DNS ( or to ensure that there are no accessibility issues.


  • Step 7

          Open the ExpressVPN app for iPhone/iPad again and tap ‘Connect’. Select a server from the list of available locations or scroll through the map to pick an ExpressVPN server and connect to your VPN.


Manual Configuration Options for ExpressVPN Compatibility

Express VPN is a highly compatible VPN in terms of manual configuration options. The official Express VPN website has detailed setup guides and tutorials to help users setup their VPN on all popular operating systems as well as consoles, routers and TV devices.

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Xbox One

There are two ways to ensure that your online traffic passes through the VPN provider’s settings on an Xbox One. The first is by configuring the DNS server on your Xbox One. The process is a bit lengthy but great if you are looking to stream videos using geo-restricted services like HBO and Netflix.

Set Up Express VPN DNS on Xbox One

The process begins by configuring your Language &Location settings:

  1. Go to the main screen then open the Settings menu
  2. In the Settings menu, select the System option
  3. From System settings select, Language & Location
  4. Set Language to English and Location to United States
  5. You are all set to begin configuring your Express VPN DNS settings.

To setup the DNS settings on your Xbox One, you must have the DNS settings from the provider first. This requires you have an account with the provider. Once you are subscribed an email will be sent to you containing the DNS address and configuration steps. Let’s begin setting up Express VPN on your Xbox One:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. From settings choose, Network
  3. Within the Network menu choose Advanced Settings
  4. In the Advanced settings choose the DNS Settings options
  5. Select the Manual Option next
  6. When the Primary DNS box opens, fill in the DNS address provided in the Email by ExpressVPN
  7. Do the same for the Secondary DNS box
  8. Save the new settings and a confirmation box will appear to complete the setup

How to Set up ExpressVPN on Router for Xbox One 

Configuring your VPN service on the router is the only other alternative if you want to use ExpressVPN on your Xbox. The crazy bit about ExpressVPN is that the brand does not provide you any technical help and support if you are not subscribed to their service. 

Expressvpn for Xbox Gaming Setup

A dedicated setup section is available for all subscribers to help them easily setup ExpressVPN on the Router. While manual configuration is available for most devices, ExpressVPN now offers a dedicated Router app (currently works with 2 routers only) to allow easy configuration of routers through laptops &desktop PCs. 

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Chromecast

When casting media using the Chromecast USB device there is no chance of using VPN services on the device to unblock apps and media, since it offers no inbuilt support for them. They two ways to use Express VPN with Chromecast:

  1. First is by configuring the service on your router
  2. Second is casting media from a device with a VPN connection 

Configure ExpressVPN on router to use with Chromecast

To configure ExpressVPN on your Chromecast device, you will require visiting the provider’s website and get the guide form the account area. Express VPN encourages subscribers to visit the support services including live chat, FAQ and the setup section located in the account area.

The basic guide for a TP-Link router is listed below:

  1. Access router settings
  2. Look for Network > WAN in the left hand menu
  3. On the right hand settings menu choose WAN Connection Type (tunneling protocol) to L2TP/Russia L2TP
  4. Fill in Username & Password provided by ExpressVPN in the registration email
  5. Leave the MTU size at 1460 (the default value)
  6. Set Max Idle Time to 0
  7. Check the Connect On Demand option
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page and wait for modem to reboot.

how to setup expressvpn on chromecast router

Express VPN Encryption

In compliance with the high-level demands of online security, ExpressVPN provides users the cover of 256-bit encryption. This helps ensure complete safety from online threats looking to spy on and/or steal data. This encryption remains present at all times, and is active as the minimum data protection standard in all Express VPN protocols. 

Express VPN give users access to the complete range of popular protocols. These include OpenVPN (both, TCP and UDP), L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP. The complete availability of protocols, combined with the reliability and quality of the service, is one of the few reasons because of which users frequently opt for Express VPN.

Express VPN Customer Support

There are three ways to contact the team at Express VPN. The first (and recommended) method of seeking support is to use the Express VPN LiveChat feature. The LiveChat feature is accessible from the chat prompt on the official Express VPN website, and helps users resolve their queries within seconds.

                                          expressvpn customer support review

The second best options are the Contact Form and the email support desk. It usually takes the Express VPN team a few hours to respond to queries and questions posted by Express VPN users and website visitors who have questions about Express VPN’s functions and features.

Filling out the Contact Form will require you to create an account with Express VPN. I wish they give live chat support such as purevpn (Read purevpn editorial review)

Express VPN Money Back

Express VPN is a premium VPN service and does not offer a free trial. Instead, all subscriptions are covered with a 30 day money back guarantee. This gives users a full month to try out the VPN service and experiment with all of its features and functions.

                                               expressvpn money back guarantee

A lot of VPN services offer money back guarantees, but Express VPN is one of the rare few that are confident enough to offer a 30 day refund policy.

Authors Recommendations (4 out of 5)


  • Strict No logging policy (100% Anonymity)
  • Well known for Torrent & streaming purposes (99.9% Download Speed)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Live Chat Support
  • Top-tier VPN server network in over 78 countries (100+ Cities)
  • Longest money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Starts from $8.32/month
  • Most User Friendly Apps


  • Little bit expensive

Express VPN is recommended for users who want a smooth VPN that does not give connection problems or server down-time. It is a VPN that works for people who want to unblock geo-restricted content and engage in private internet activity while remaining completely anonymous and secure online.

The Express VPN Pricing Plan

1 month VPN plans costing over $10 are usually considered to be slightly expensive by veteran VPN users. However, the Express VPN service has continued to sustain the pricing plan as it guarantees reliable service. There are other VPN services that charge no more than $7 for a month VPN subscription, but it becomes impossible to connect to the service and to the desired VPN server locations. Other issues with low quality VPN services include frequent DNS leaks, service down-time, minimal software availability, and so on.

Using the ExpressVPN Custom Software

It is recommended that users download and install the custom ExpressVPN software to use the service. Using custom software is advised because it saves time and saves the user from going through setup tutorials. ExpressVPN frequently updates the software library, so that users have the assurance that the software will function regardless of all prevalent issues related to encryption and tunneling.

Choosing your Express VPN Server

Most ExpressVPN review tend to forget mentioning that the ExpressVPN custom software is designed to deliver customized server solutions to users. Every time a user opens the software to activate the service, the Express VPN software recommends specific servers that can guarantee top speeds and security.